what we do - Specialist advice on trees, Forests and wildlife

Trees and Woodland - our 100% sustainable natural resource. Woods for People. Woods for Wildlife. Woods for Timber. Woods for Carbon. Woods for Everyone. A Place to Breathe. Connect. Remember. 

We are a dynamic and progressive natural resource management consultancy based in south-west England. With over 30 years experience and adopting current best industry practice, we offer a fully comprehensive and professional one-stop-shop for all matters relating to the sustainable management of trees, forests and natural ecosystems. 

A holistic eco-system approach underpins everything we do, this is fundamental to our ways of working and we are proud of that. The long term sustainability of habitats and species is forever at the forefront of our practice and these same principles apply whether we are providing decision making support for a single tree, whole forest, protected species or habitat. We specialise in Climate Smart Forestry responding effectively to the diverse challenges and opportunities facing trees, forests and forest owners today.

We are experts in finding natural balance and sustainable solutions, integrating a wide range of often conflicting objectives to enable clients to successfully meet their targets and ultimately achieve their goals. We are customer focused and effective communicators, liaising closely with our clients to foster strong working relationships built upon professionalism and trust.

We specialise in new forest design and establishment carefully selecting species to meet client objectives in changing and challenging times.

We also specialise in mediterranean forestry with particular focus on Spain and Portugal.


Arboricultural Consultancy and Management specialising in Pre-Planning surveys. Please click link above or here for further information


Climate Smart Forestry. Please click link above or here for further information


Baseline Ecological Assessment. Please click link above or here for further information